Vixen's Page

Updated: 4/06/2005



10/4/93 to 9/29/99


This page is dedicated to Vixen Domings, a beautiful puppy mill pom who lost her life due to congenital heart disease, and to all the precious babies who leave us much too soon - no matter how long they live.


We lost our feisty little princess Veronica two years ago this April. 
She was birth sister to El Fuego, rescued from the CACC. Her tail bone had been broken by her previous owner and she was very frightened, trusted no one, and barked incessantly.  In no time, she became manager of the orphanage, keeping everyone in line. She loved traveling in mom's bag and telling the other dogs how to behave. We all miss her terribly.



The Best Buddy

Buddy, a big red mutt who loved the world and everyone in it, died yesterday after a long illness. He was 13.

After a childhood on the streets of the Bronx, Buddy moved to Manhattan with Jim and Nanci in 1996 to replace their previous dog, the one-and-only Buck. The Budster excelled at his new job, which included looking big without being menacing, eating heartily at every opportunity, playing with his many toys, looking dapper in his coat, and being nice to Pearl, the feeble geriatric feline, in her final years.

From 1996 to 2000 Buddy accompanied Nanci regularly to work on 21st Street, even during and after his successful battle with cancer in 1999, where he entertained the troops by wiping his snout on everyone's pants after a sardine lunch, greeting all visitors, chasing Dennis the landlord, and sleeping on the couch so no one else could.

After retirement from the business world, he enjoyed frolics in the dog run, especially the group humps of larger neutered-male dogs, summers in his garden at Breezy Point, and the relentless companionship of little Stinky Inky, who insisted on sharing all aspects of Buddy's later years.

Buddy is mourned by his adoptive parents, Jim and Nanci; his constant companion since 2000, Inky, and a world of friends. A memorial service is being planned. In lieu of flowers, his family asks that everyone show kindness to all animals however they are able.

Emma Grunthal. Best friend to Nancy, went to The Bridge in September, 2002 at the age of 14-l/2 years. (Emma was a Miss Rumples' orphan who was placed with Nancy 14 years ago.)


June & Todd's Beloved Uni
5/14/01 - 01/12/04


May she have happiness wherever her spirit roams. We will cherish our memories of her always.

Marius 5/05/88 - 2/09/04


Beloved friend to Tim and Larry.


             Doc Hernandez

             6/7/90 - 3/24/05

Doc Hernandez, former Miss Rumples' orphan and loving companion of Lisa.

He is sorely missed.




Copyright Jim Willis 2002

Your eyes, so bright,
Your lick, so dear,
Your heart, so loyal,
Yet these, I fear.

A life so vibrant,
A bond so true!
How could I survive
the loss of you?

Your fur, so sleek,
Your gait, so spry,
Your years, so measured,
and more perfect than I.

Your end, too soon,
My heart, so lost,
Your lesson: "Love another,
no matter the cost."

Now a new one sleeps,
where once you lay,
and we're grateful to you,
for the gift of today.

The courage to love,
again, despite odds,
is what inspires humans
to be as good as dogs. - quality embedded software . rush