Updated 8/31/2006

It is with great sorrow that I inform all of you that Sandy Rindner passed away on July 3rd after a brave battle with uterine cancer.   

An extraordinary woman who dedicated much of her life to the well-being of animals, Sandy was devoted to the welfare and placement of abandoned pets, working tirelessly to save each little orphan. 

Sandy's cancer was very aggressive and did not respond well to treatment.  Her final weeks were spent at a Hospice Residence where she was surrounded by her own belongings, fragrant flowers and canine visitors.  She was very happy in her beautiful yellow apartment, with a spectacular view of the East River and the Triboro bridge.  She was never alone and she was never in pain. She went with peace.   

Her animals are all cared for. 

Sandy is survived by many friends who deeply miss her sharp wit, boundless energy and creative brilliance.  She leaves a legacy of caring and compassion. 

Sandy requested that Miss Rumples' Orphanage continues.  Before she died we formed a non-profit – Miss Rumples for Small Dogs, Inc. which will continue to benefit the health and welfare of small breeds.  I will try to follow the criteria that Sandy laid out for me, so please be patient with my novice attempts. 


Thanks for all your support, prayers and understanding,

Barbara Domings 





There is an Indian legend

which says when a human

dies there is a bridge they must

cross to enter into heaven. At

the head of that bridge waits

every animal that human encountered during their lifetime.

The animals, based upon what

they know of this person,

decide which humans may

cross the bridge.... and which

are turned away.

    Miss Rumples




Sandy requested that donations be made to:

Miss Rumples’ for Small Dogs, Inc. 
PO Box 1776

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